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Every business and organization needs to have a defined brand. Your brand allows you to set your business apart from the competition, target and acquire ideal clients, helps to increase revenue, and expresses the value of what you offer to the public in a way they understand.

With this service, Kirshan will dive into your brand’s meaning, value, and purpose. The result will be clarity around your messaging, target market, and value you bring to customers, clients, and to society (social enterprises and non-profits). You will receive a brand book that outlines typography, brand colors, editorial voice, tag lines, brand positioning, and much, MUCH, more. Assets that will be designed for you will include: logo, social profile covers, business card, and letter & envelope design.

Kirshan Murphy provides brand strategy and design consulting services in two capacities:

  1. Brand Transformation: An existing business, social enterprise, or non-profit needing a brand transformation to better speak to their target audience and express their offering more clearly
  2. Social Enterprise Transformation: An existing for-profit business of any size seeking to transform their business into a social enterprise

Some of the typical goals tackled with the transformations include:

  • Redesigning the look and feel of a business to better align it with its values and purpose
  • Defining and presenting the service/product offering in a way that speaks to the target audience better
  • Clearly defining the differences between you and the competition
  • Aligning the new brand with existing and new marketing efforts
  • Making the mission of the social enterprise come across through all marketing assets and efforts

Some of the typical deliverables from branding work:

  • Brand book
  • Brand strategy
  • Logo design
  • Brand position in the market
  • Color and typography selections
  • Brand values
  • Brand point of view
  • Brand personality
  • Business card design
  • Social media design collateral
  • Website
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